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Paradigm Drift Claimed


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Yes, by now we have all come to understand that when we commit to the journey of raising our energetic vibration, we naturally begin to attract abundance in all forms. 

However, what we don’t understand is that it’s more than just practicing gratitude and mindfulness. It’s a hero’s journey, complete with obstacles and villains, (usually you), driven by the knowledge that somewhere inside is the awakened version of yourself that needs to be freed. 

You will feel uncomfortable. You will question everything you thought you knew. But you will come out the other side with a completely different set of paradigms. 

This drifting fluidity of our previously rigid paradigms open us up to accepting that anything really is possible. 

Through science-based energy healing, energy psychology coaching, spiritual life coaching,  card reading, and mediumship, we help our clients to acknowledge their own gifts, strengths, true passions, and energy blocks.  We provide individualized plans for moving towards an authentic life.

We look forward to helping you along your hero’s journey. 

*Member of Energy Medicine Professional Association