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Lesley Levine, Animal Communicator Claimed

Helping You Find What's on Your Animal's Mind!

5.0/51 Reviews

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I have owned a pet sitting business for over 31 years.  From the start of that business, I dreamed about communicating with animals.  I dabbled in it over the years, but my dream came tofuition in the past two years.  I have done hundreds, literally, of practice sessions to attain my dreams and honed in on my skills of hearing, seeing, feeling, and even smelling the information that the animals want you to know.  I specialize on behavior issues with dogs and cats.  Over the years providing pet sitting services, I have acquired a huge amount of information about behavior problems.  That information is my left brain specialty, and between my right and left brain skills, I can help you with issues that arise with your pet!  


Q Do I need to meet you for you to communicate with my animal?

No. We can speak on the phone, and I can connect with your pet. In fact, that is my preferred method of doing a reading. I do not like to see you or your pet because that takes me out of my right brain, where I see, hear and feel what your pet has to tell you.

Q Do you need a picture of my pet to speak with him/her?

No. The only information I need is your pet's name, species, male or female and if your pet is alive or passed on.

Q Can you connect with my pet that has died?

Yes, I can speak with your pet that has passed on and deliver messages that your pet wants you to know.

Q Does my pet need to be in the same room with me and awake during the reading?

No, that is not necessary.

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“I was fortunate enough to have a reading with Lesley, and I can not say enough how helpful this reading was! I had recently experienced an unfortunate relocation situation with my small flock of sheep. After learning of the horrible situation they were living in, I could get all but two of my adults back home. However, I was feeling so horribly guilty for the situation I put them in. Lesley communicated with my flock members and let them know how awful I felt for letting them go to such an awful situation where they were not cared for in a manner they had become accustomed to. She was also able to relay a message to me from them. I have finally been able to let most of the guilt go and focus on making the remainder of theirs lives as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. Lesley is amazingly patient and kind. She really listened to the situation and was non-judgemental and encouraging. I would definitely recommend Lesley’s services to anyone who wants to communicate with their pets.” Jennifer Gunn M.A., M.S. Ed.

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