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Intuitive Connection Session w/ Carissa Claimed

Helping You Connect to Your Loved Ones

4.8/56 Reviews

Intuitive Connecting Sessions 

My intention during Connection Sessions is to directly connect you with your loved ones and/or guides in order to support your highest good. This process assists you in gaining deeper insights into a better understanding of yourself or situations. In a session, I will begin with an intuitive reading and then I will energetically hold space for you and bring you and your loved one together so you can communicate with them directly. This process can be very healing, uplifting, and will assist you in improving your own intuitive flow.

Intuitive sessions are available via phone ($100) or video ($150). I ask clients to find a quiet space without distractions during our readings. You may want to have a journal and pen on hand to take any notes.

***Intuitive sessions are not meant to take the place of standard medical or psychological treatment or therapy.

For intuitive coaching, visit: www.atxintuitiveconnections.com

I look forward to connecting and supporting you on your journey!

Love and Light,



Q How are you different than other intuitive/reading sessions?

I energetically hold space so you can communicate directly with your loved ones.

6 Reviews for Intuitive Connection Session w/ Carissa

1 Reviews
A very empowering reading.

I’ve not had a reading like this one before; Carissa has a natural gift of empowering the client. I was able to see, hear, feel my Mom and Dad – Carissa was very encouraging throughout the reading. As I would share what I encountered, she would add to it with more details and/or questions to confirm. Thank you Carissa! I strongly recommend a reading with Carissa.

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1 Reviews
Carissa was able to connect me with my brother.

She told me things my brother needed me to know. After being guided through a meditative space by Carissa I connected with my brother. I am a visual type of person and my brother took those steps in guiding me that only I would understand. It was so heartwarming to see his humor and love again after 30 years of his passing. Toward the end, I was overcome by his love and felt the warmth of his arms hugging me once again. I am so thankful for the clarity and highly recommend Carissa.

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1 Reviews
Insightful + Authentic

I’ve worked with Carissa for over a year on intuitive guidance. In that time I have connected with the right people and outlets for positive growth and support. I’ve launched my nutrition practice and self-healed health concerns before it became unmanageable. She has the ability to drop in right away, she is in her own personal practice, and accesses from a deep place of divine light and love. I always feel uplifted after our sessions together.

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1 Reviews
Grateful for the connection and clarity

Carissa was able to connect with my Grandmother and relay messages from her. I knew right away it was my Grandmother from the messages she shared with me. I also had a situation with a spirit visitor at my home that made me nervous. She was able to tap in and see that it was a spirit who transitioned and was just checking in on his pet we had adopted. She provided details about the situation that she could not have known. The reading provided me with the peace I was looking for regarding the spirit visitor & the joy from hearing from my Grandmother. So grateful for the connection and clarity.

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1 Reviews
Highly recommend; such a beautiful experience of connection

I had the pleasure of having a reading with Carissa. I really appreciated the fact that she has a science-based mind, which I can relate to as I often find myself battling this with my intuition. She led me through some exercises in order to help me better connect with the loved ones I wanted to see, and she was also able to provide me with validation that we were connected. She also gave me some incredibly valuable insight into a tricky situation with someone close to me, and she was able to validate what I was experiencing and thinking. She was able to pick up on details that neither of us expected but made the validity of her messages that much more undeniable. She is incredibly professional, empathetic, and just a wonderful person to be able to let your guard and doubt down with. I highly recommend a reading; I will be back for sure!!

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1 Reviews
Amazing Experience, always enlightening

I’ve met with Carissa several times now and each experience has been unique and enlightening. I never feel like she’s telling me what I want to hear but truly giving me the info provided to her and allowing me to make sense of it and the cool thing is, it always does! Will definitely continue to seek her intuitive skills in the future!

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